5 Reasons To Start Foam Rolling Now!

5 Reasons To Start Foam Rolling Now!

Foam roller exercises, also called myofascial release, is a form of massage that is starting to become very popular in the fitness world! It can either be done pre-workout to loosen up sore muscles and tight joints, or after exercise to aid muscle recovery.

Rolling yourself out on a foam roller becomes a much more affordable alternative to massage therapy.

For those of you who are wondering what myofascial release means, here's a brief explanation; Fascia is like plastic wrap that covers just about our whole body. It is comprised of collagen fibers that surrounds and penetrates your muscles, organs and nerves. Fascia essentially holds us together.Through overtraining it can become sore and restricted. Adhesions can develop from little tears that don't heal properly. Myofascial release describes what happens when you apply pressure to the affected areas to eliminate adhesions and release tension, ultimately improving movement and restoring the body back to its natural state.

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So here are our top 5 reasons to foam roll:

 Improved flexibility and increased joint range of motion

By relieving tension in the fascia,  a foam roller can do wonders to enhance your flexibility and mobility. 

Better circulation

Blood carries oxygen throughout the body resulting in good circulation that becomes crucial to overall health. Poor circulation can lead to a multitude of health issues like numbness in limbs, impaired cognitive ability and a weak immune system. Myofascial release can help improve circulation  by breaking up the tight areas where blood flow may become restricted.

Stress reduction

Foam roller exercises can help reduce stress post-workout. One study found myofascial release can lower cortisol, your stress hormone that you want to seriously reduce after a strenuous workout.

Reduce exercise related soreness

Whatever your fitness level you've probably experienced delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Simply put, DOMS is the pain and stiffness in your muscles that can set in anywhere from 24 to 48 hours after an intense workout. However, research finds foam rolling can substantially reduce the chances of that soreness creeping in.

Prevent injury

It is much better to avoid an injury that try and treat one. A consistent routine of proper stretching combined with foam roller exercises can prevent many injuries associated with tightness and overuse.

Here are some foam roller exercises for you to try.

Foam Roller Exercises

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