5 Reasons Why Warming Up Before A Workout Is So Important

5 Reasons Why Warming Up Before A Workout Is So Important

There are a number of benefits associated with performing a warm-up routine before your actual workout. A lot of people think warming up is a waste of time, however they couldn't be more wrong. Warming up is an essential part of your workout routine and one that should become a habit!

Warming Up & Stretching

Increase In Muscle Temperature:

Muscles that are properly warmed up before a rigorous activity will be able to contract with more force and relax at a faster rate after a contraction.Your body's strength and speed will be increased with warmer muscles.

Increase In Body Temperature:

Properly warming up will cause your body temperature to rise, making your muscles more elastic. A warmer body temperature will decrease the likelihood of injuries such as muscle strain or pulls.

Dilated Blood Vessels:

Taking the time to warm up forces the blood vessels to dilate. This will reduce the tension that physical activity places on your heart, and increase blood flow throughout your body.

Range Of Motion Increases:

Your joints will be able to extend their full movement potential if they have been warmed up properly. As well as being able to move safely and avoid injury.

Increases Mental Focus:

Whilst performing your warm-up your mind will become more focused and prepared for the exercises you are about to perform. This increased focus allows your mind to be in a positive and increased level of concentration.

So next time you decide to skip your warm-up before you workout, think again!

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