Ideas To Keep You Active On A Weekend

Ideas To Keep You Active On A Weekend

Often people who are trying hard to keep to an exercise routine and a healthy eating plan are able to stick to their goals during the week because it forms part of their everyday life. However when it comes to the weekend all the wheels fall off!

Whilst it is important to have your rest days and you are definitely allowed to waiver from your healthy eating plan, you don't want to erase all your progress from the week in two days. 

So here are some ideas for you to stay active on the weekends (or holidays) that don't involve the gym!

Go for a walk

Living in South Africa we are fortunate to have beautiful parks and nature reserves in every part of the country. Take advantage of these gorgeous outdoor spaces and go for a walk in nature. Not only will you be getting fresh air but you will also be adding to your daily step count!

Nature Walk

Trampoline parks

Trampoline parks have become very popular in the last couple of years and they are not just for children! If you do have children why not join them for a fun hour of bouncing? Or if you don't, a lot of the trampoline parks offer fitness classes for adults too. It's something fun and different.

Trampoline Park

Rock climbing

Have you ever thought of doing some rock climbing? There are lots of safe rock climbing venues for you to try out. This will give you a full body workout without you even realizing it!

Rock Climbing

Do some gardening

You wouldn't believe how strenuous it is to mow your lawn, do some weeding or plant new plants. A little bit of physical activity in the garden will add to your fitness goals.


These are just a few ideas on how to be active during the weekend in order to maintain your health and fitness goals. There are many others you could try and if all else fails why not try some retail therapy? You can easily walk 5km's around a shopping center!


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