Small Changes To A Healthier You

Small Changes To A Healthier You

Most of us want to live a healthy lifestyle, eat the right things and exercise regularly. Unfortunately sometimes life takes over and you might be going through a particularly busy time in your life where you can't always get to the gym or eat the healthiest meals. We all go through these hectic times so here are a few tips to help you make small changes that, believe it or not, can make a huge impact on your healthy lifestyle journey.


You need to get 7 - 9 hours of sleep every night. This can sometimes be difficult if you battle to fall asleep but calming essential oils can help with this. Research has show that getting 6 hours of sleep or less a night can lead to obesity. Make sure you get your shuteye!

Drink plenty of water

Drink water like there is no tomorrow. Drinking enough water leads to more energy, better skin and maybe even weight loss. I cannot stress enough how important water is for you.

Drink lots of water

Re-examine the food you are eating

Have a look at the food you are eating and swap two ingredients for healthier versions. For example swap sugar in your tea or coffee with raw honey. Or eat wholegrain breads and pasta instead of white. Don't overload your salad with salad dressing, use a light option or balsamic vinegar and olive oil. There are so many small changes you can make that will make a big impact to your health.

Move more!

If you know you are not going to be able to get to the gym or go for that run try moving more during the day. Take the stairs instead of the lift. Park your car as far away as possible from the shop or your office. If you have been sitting for over an hour at your desk get up and walk around for a few minutes. 

There are so many small tweaks you can make to your daily life that will get you on the path to the best and healthiest version of yourself. 


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